5 Simple Ways to Verify the Authenticity of a Gold Necklace Set

gold necklace set, gold pendant sets, Diamond Locket

gold necklace set, gold pendant sets, Diamond Locket

Gold is always the most valuable option when investing or giving someone a priceless gift on their special day. From gold necklace sets to diamond lockets, people choose different types of jewelry designs to gift their loved ones and make their special day more special. But as the value of gold increases, the scammers become more active and try to scam you by offering deceptive deals. Hence, before investing in your gold jewelry, you need to look for some parameters that help you buy authentic gold pendant sets and other jewellery designs.

Here is the way to identify the authenticity of gold jewelry.

1.   Identifying Counterfeit Gold

Investing in gold jewellery is a huge investment. Ensuring that you are investing in real gold and not fake gold is essential to staying away from scams and getting the actual value of your investment. When purchasing your gold necklace set, check for the hallmark that indicates its purity.

2.   Verify the Hallmark

Before purchasing any gold ornament design, ensure your product is hallmarked by BIS. BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, which certifies the fineness and purity of gold. To identify the hallmark, check for its logo on your gold ornament, which is mandatory for every piece of jewelry to be added since 2021. This indicates that the jeweler accepts complete responsibility for the purity of the gold jewelry they sell.

3.   Conduct a Gold Testing

Check the authenticity of your necklaces orgold pendant sets by performing three types of tests: an acid test, a specific gravity test, and an electronic gold test. To perform the acid test, you need nitric acid, which will help identify the lack of metal. For a specific gravity test, use a certain water displacement to measure gold’s density. Use an electronic gold test device to determine the purity of gold in an electronic gold test procedure.

4.   The Magnet Test

Another interesting way to identify the purity of gold is by performing a magnet test. It is performed by bringing a strong magnet near the piece of your gold ornament and waiting for the reaction. No reaction shows that the gold is real, as gold is a non-magnetic metal. If the gold is not pure, you will observe a slight attraction between the magnet and your ornament. Even gold-plated metals are non-reactive, but it is not a 100% foolproof method so use other techniques along with this for more certainty.

5.   Assess the Gold’s Weight and Dimensions

It is the standard method that is performed to check the purity of gold. To perform this, you will need two gold pieces, one of which you want to test and the other of which you already know is pure. Compare their weight. Recognize that a large piece of gold is fake if its weight seems excessively light for its size.


In conclusion, to avoid these issues, always purchase your gold necklace sets from authentic and renowned jewelers, such as Waman Hari Pethe Sons. You will get assured quality and the latest designs, which make your investment worthwhile and help you bring happiness to your home.

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