how to balance stabilizer wires

Balancing stabilizer wires on a model aircraft or any other device is crucial for stability and control. Stabilizer wires are often used on model airplanes to control the movement of horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Here’s how you can balance them:

Tools and Materials You’ll Need:

  • Model aircraft with stabilizer wires
  • Small weights (e.g., fishing weights or adhesive weights)
  • Small screwdriver or pliers
  • Balance point or center of gravity (CG) reference


  1. Locate the Center of Gravity (CG): Before you begin balancing the stabilizer wires, you need to know the model aircraft’s center of gravity (CG). The CG is the point where the aircraft should balance for optimal stability. Refer to your model’s instructions or manual to find the recommended CG location.
  2. Remove Stabilizer Wires: Carefully remove the stabilizer wires from the model if they are already installed. This will make it easier to balance them without the added weight of the aircraft.
  3. Prepare for Balancing: Choose a suitable surface or stand where you can balance the stabilizer wires. The surface should be level, and the model should be positioned securely.
  4. Find the Balance Point: Use a balance point or CG reference to identify the midpoint of the stabilizer wires. This is typically where the stabilizers should balance. If you are unsure about the exact balance point, consult your model’s documentation.
  5. Check for Balance: Place the stabilizer wires on the chosen surface or stand with the midpoint aligned with the balance point or CG reference. The wires should remain level and not tilt to one side. If one side is heavier than the other, the wires will tilt in that direction.
  6. Add Weight (if necessary): To balance the stabilizer wires, you may need to add small weights to the lighter side. Start by adding a minimal amount of weight, such as a small fishing weight or adhesive weight, to the lighter stabilizer wire. You can use a small screwdriver or pliers to secure the weight to the wire.
  7. Recheck Balance: After adding weight, place the stabilizer wires back on the balancing surface and check for balance. Continue adding or removing weight as needed until the wires remain level and do not tilt.
  8. Secure Stabilizer Wires: Once you’ve achieved balance, reattach the stabilizer wires to the model aircraft securely.
  9. Test for Stability: After reinstallation, test the model aircraft to ensure that it maintains stable flight characteristics. Make any necessary adjustments to the stabilizer wires or weights if needed.
  10. Fine-Tune as Necessary: Keep in mind that balancing stabilizer wires may require some trial and error. Be patient and make small adjustments as needed until you achieve the desired balance.

Balancing stabilizer wires is essential for maintaining stable and controlled flight. Proper balance helps prevent unwanted yaw or roll during flight and contributes to the overall performance of the model aircraft. Always refer to your specific model’s documentation and follow any manufacturer recommendations for balancing and setup.

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