how to be a contestant on let’s make a deal

Becoming a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal,” the popular television game show hosted by Wayne Brady, can be an exciting experience. Here’s how you can try to become a contestant:

  1. Eligibility Requirements: Start by reviewing the eligibility requirements for the show. These requirements may include age restrictions, citizenship/residency status, and other criteria. Make sure you meet all the necessary qualifications.
  2. Apply Online: Visit the official “Let’s Make a Deal” website or the website of the production company responsible for the show. Look for a contestant application form or a casting call announcement. Follow the instructions to fill out the application online. Be sure to provide accurate information and a clear photo of yourself.
  3. Attend a Taping: “Let’s Make a Deal” is often filmed in front of a live studio audience. You can increase your chances of being selected by attending a taping as part of the audience. Check the show’s website for information on how to request tickets or audience participation.
  4. Audition Videos: Some game shows, including “Let’s Make a Deal,” may accept audition videos as part of the application process. If this option is available, create a video that showcases your personality, enthusiasm, and why you’d be a great contestant. Follow the specific guidelines provided in the casting call.
  5. Show Your Unique Style: One of the distinctive features of “Let’s Make a Deal” is the elaborate costumes and creativity of the contestants. Dressing up in unique and eye-catching costumes can increase your chances of being selected to participate in the show. Be creative and have fun with your costume.
  6. Prepare for the Show: Familiarize yourself with the format of the game, the types of deals that are made, and the strategies that contestants use. Watching episodes of the show can help you understand how it works and how to play effectively.
  7. Be Energetic and Enthusiastic: Game show producers often look for contestants who are energetic, enthusiastic, and outgoing. During the audition process, let your personality shine and demonstrate your excitement for the show.
  8. Keep an Eye on Casting Calls: “Let’s Make a Deal” periodically announces casting calls and auditions in various locations. Keep an eye on the official show website, social media channels, and casting call announcements to stay informed about upcoming opportunities to audition.
  9. Be Patient and Persistent: The audition process for game shows can be competitive, and it may take multiple attempts before you are selected. Be patient and persistent in your pursuit of becoming a contestant.
  10. Stay Updated: Check the official “Let’s Make a Deal” website and social media platforms regularly for updates on casting calls and audition opportunities. You never know when the next chance to audition may arise.

Remember that competition for game show contestant spots can be fierce, so it’s important to stand out and showcase your personality and enthusiasm. Good luck in your pursuit of becoming a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal”!

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