how to beat challenge 16 on merge dragons

In Merge Dragons, Challenge 16, like other levels, requires careful planning and strategy to beat. In this specific challenge, your goal is to heal all the land and create life orbs to open the locked chests. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to beat Challenge 16 in Merge Dragons:

  1. Start with Basic Merging: Begin by merging the small Life Flower sprouts at the bottom of the screen. Merge three of them to create a Life Flower. This will be your source of Life Essence.
  2. Heal the Land: Use the Life Flower to start healing the land. Focus on healing the land that’s closer to the Life Flower, as this will allow you to generate more Life Essence faster. As you heal, new Life Flowers will appear.
  3. Merge Life Flowers: Continue merging Life Flowers as they appear. Merging Life Flowers increases their healing power, allowing you to heal the land more efficiently. Aim to create high-level Life Flowers to speed up the healing process.
  4. Harvest Life Orbs: As the Life Flowers generate Life Essence, tap on the Life Essence bubbles to collect Life Orbs. These Life Orbs are essential for opening the locked chests.
  5. Match Life Orbs: Match three or more Life Orbs of the same type to create a higher-level Life Orb. Keep matching Life Orbs to create the highest-level Life Orbs you can. You’ll need these to open the locked chests.
  6. Unlock the Chests: Place the high-level Life Orbs on the Mystic Clouds covering the locked chests. This will unlock them and reveal valuable rewards, such as Dragon Eggs.
  7. Bring in Dragons: Once you have Dragon Eggs, merge them to hatch Dragons. Dragons can help you with additional healing and merging, making the process faster.
  8. Continue Healing and Merging: Keep healing the land, merging Life Flowers, and collecting Life Orbs to unlock all the chests on the level. Be patient and methodical in your approach.
  9. Complete Objectives: Pay attention to any additional level objectives that may appear. These could include harvesting a certain number of a particular type of object or merging specific items.
  10. Use Hints Sparingly: If you get stuck or want some guidance, you can use hints. However, use them sparingly, as they are limited and should be used strategically.
  11. Be Efficient: Efficiency is key in Merge Dragons. Try to plan your moves ahead to maximize your progress with each merge or action.
  12. Restart if Necessary: If you make a mistake or realize you could have used your resources more efficiently, don’t hesitate to restart the level. Sometimes, a fresh start with a better strategy can make all the difference.

Remember that patience and careful planning are crucial in completing Merge Dragons challenges. With the right approach, you’ll be able to heal the land, create Life Orbs, and unlock all the chests in Challenge 16.

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