how to beat floor 10 rush royale

Floor 10 in Rush Royale can be challenging, but with the right strategy and card choices, you can beat it. Here are some tips to help you successfully complete Floor 10 in Rush Royale:

  1. Build a Balanced Deck: A well-balanced deck is essential for success. Make sure you have a mix of damage-dealing cards, support cards, and cards that can handle a variety of enemy types (e.g., melee and ranged).
  2. Upgrade Your Cards: Prioritize upgrading your cards to increase their damage and effectiveness. Focus on a few key cards rather than spreading your upgrades too thinly.
  3. Use High-Damage Cards: Cards with high damage output are crucial. Look for cards like “Mage,” “Cannon,” or “Wizard” that can deal significant damage to enemy waves.
  4. Utilize Support Cards: Support cards like “Priest” or “Paladin” can heal your towers and increase their survivability. Include at least one support card in your deck to help sustain your defenses.
  5. Aim for Area Damage: Cards that deal area damage are effective against groups of enemies. Cards like “Barracks” or “Lightning” can help clear out large waves quickly.
  6. Upgrade Your Tower: Invest in upgrading your main tower to increase its health and damage. A stronger tower can withstand more enemy attacks and deal more damage.
  7. Use Crowd Control Cards: Crowd control cards like “Freeze” or “Stun” can temporarily disable enemy units, giving your towers more time to eliminate them. These cards can be especially useful against tougher enemies.
  8. Manage Your Elixir Efficiently: Be mindful of your elixir management. Don’t overspend on upgrades and card deployments. Save elixir for critical moments when you need to strengthen your defenses quickly.
  9. Focus on Weaknesses: Identify enemy weaknesses and strengths. Some enemies are more vulnerable to certain types of damage or effects. Adjust your strategy accordingly.
  10. Upgrade Your Hero: Upgrade your hero’s abilities to provide additional support during battles. Heroes can provide buffs and special abilities that can turn the tide in your favor.
  11. Learn from Failed Attempts: If you fail a Floor 10 run, take the opportunity to analyze what went wrong. Adjust your deck, upgrade choices, and strategy based on your previous experience.
  12. Practice and Patience: Rush Royale can be challenging, and beating Floor 10 may take several attempts. Stay patient, keep practicing, and refine your strategy with each attempt.

Remember that success in Rush Royale often comes down to strategy, deck composition, and effective card management. By following these tips and continuously improving your deck and strategy, you’ll increase your chances of beating Floor 10 and progressing further in the game.

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