how to beat workshop btd6

In Bloons TD 6 (BTD6), the Workshop map can be challenging, but with a well-planned strategy and the right towers, you can beat it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you conquer Workshop on BTD6:

  1. Starting Strategy:
    • Start with a Ninja Monkey (0-0-0) for early game coverage. Place it near the entrance to deal with the initial bloons.
  2. Upgrade Your Ninja:
    • Upgrade your Ninja Monkey to a 2-0-1 (Bloonjitsu) for increased popping power against bloons.
  3. Add a Monkey Village:
    • Place a Monkey Village (0-0-0) nearby to boost the attack speed and range of your Ninja Monkey. Upgrade the Monkey Village to 0-1-0 (Monkey Business) for added benefits.
  4. Upgrade the Ninja Monkey Further:
    • Upgrade your Ninja Monkey to a 4-0-1 (Double Shot) for improved popping power.
  5. Add a Bomb Shooter:
    • Place a Bomb Shooter (0-0-0) to deal with groups of bloons. Upgrade it to a 0-1-0 (Frag Bombs) for more popping power.
  6. Upgrade the Bomb Shooter:
    • Upgrade your Bomb Shooter to a 2-1-0 (Cluster Bombs) for enhanced bloon popping capabilities.
  7. Add a Monkey Buccaneer:
    • Place a Monkey Buccaneer (0-0-0) near the entrance to handle bloons that escape. Upgrade it to a 2-0-0 (Grape Shot) for increased popping power.
  8. Upgrade Your Towers:
    • Continue upgrading your existing towers, focusing on improving their popping power, attack speed, and range.
  9. Add a Banana Farm:
    • Place a Banana Farm (0-0-0) and upgrade it to 0-2-0 (Banana Plantation) to generate extra income for further tower upgrades.
  10. Add a Monkey Alchemist:
    • Place a Monkey Alchemist (0-0-0) and upgrade it to 4-0-0 (Stronger Stimulant) to buff the attack speed and popping power of nearby towers.
  11. Upgrade for Late Game:
    • As you progress, invest in powerful late-game towers like the Sun Avatar, True Sun God, or The Tack Zone to handle tougher bloons.
  12. Continue Upgrades:
    • Keep upgrading and diversifying your tower setup to effectively handle different types of bloons and their various abilities.

Adjust your strategy based on the bloons you encounter, and consider experimenting with different tower combinations to find the most effective setup for Workshop in BTD6. Good luck!

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