how to become junior supervisor in sneaky sasquatch

“Sneaky Sasquatch” is a popular mobile game where players control a sasquatch and navigate various activities and challenges within the game. To become a junior supervisor in the game, you need to follow certain steps and complete specific tasks. Here’s a guide to help you achieve this in “Sneaky Sasquatch”:

  1. Reach the City:
    • Progress through the game and reach the city area, which is a significant milestone in the game’s story.
  2. Visit the Office Building:
    • Head to the office building in the city. You’ll find it near the top right of the city area.
  3. Interact with NPCs:
    • Interact with the non-player characters (NPCs) inside the office building. Engage with them to gather information and unlock potential job opportunities.
  4. Complete Jobs:
    • Look for job opportunities within the office building and complete the tasks assigned to you. The more jobs you complete, the more you’ll progress in the game and potentially move up the ranks.
  5. Build Reputation:
    • Work diligently and efficiently to build a good reputation as a reliable worker. Completing jobs accurately and on time will contribute to your reputation.
  6. Accept Promotions:
    • As you progress and perform well, you may be offered promotions within the company. Accept these promotions to move up the corporate ladder.
  7. Become a Junior Supervisor:
    • Work your way up the hierarchy by consistently performing well and accepting promotions. Eventually, you’ll be promoted to the position of a junior supervisor.
  8. Manage Responsibilities:
    • As a junior supervisor, manage your responsibilities effectively. Ensure that you handle tasks efficiently and maintain a good reputation to continue advancing in the game.

Remember, progressing in “Sneaky Sasquatch” requires persistence, completing various tasks, and interacting with in-game characters. Enjoy the game and have fun climbing the ranks in the city’s corporate world!

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