how to breed viveine shugabush island

In the game “My Singing Monsters,” the Shugabush is a monster that can be bred on Shugabush Island. Here’s a guide on how to breed the Vuveine (formerly known as Shugabush) on Shugabush Island:

  1. Unlock Shugabush Island:
    • First, make sure you have unlocked Shugabush Island in the game.
  2. Get Required Monsters:
    • To breed a Vuveine, you need specific monsters. You’ll need a Quarrister and a Furcorn.
  3. Place Monsters on Shugabush Island:
    • Place the Quarrister and Furcorn monsters on Shugabush Island. Make sure you have enough beds for them.
  4. Wait for Breeding:
    • Allow the monsters to breed by waiting for the breeding process to complete. The breeding time may vary, so be patient.
  5. Hatch the Egg:
    • Once the breeding time is complete, collect the egg from the breeding structure.
  6. Place Vuveine on the Island:
    • Place the Vuveine monster on Shugabush Island and enjoy its music!

Remember, breeding in “My Singing Monsters” is based on chance, so it may take a few tries to successfully breed a Vuveine. Keep experimenting and trying different combinations until you get the desired monster. Good luck!

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