Simplifying Household Connectivity: The Role Of Smart Switches And Modular Switchboards

smart switches, modular switchboard, door video phone

smart switches, modular switchboard, door video phone


The meaning of the home has changed completely as we now see technology leading in easing out business operations of our day-to-day activities. With the rise of smart switches and modular switchboards, there is one of the trends in this connected revolution. They are already making a difference in the living styles of the people around them and giving them comfort, efficiency, and security that they have never experienced before. We will employ our technical skills and experience to create an intuitive, reliable, and user-friendly Smart home system for you. Lets get into more detail:

Smart Switches: Enhancing Control and Precision

The major task of smart switches is to transform the lights from simple to intelligent systems. With a smart switch, you can manage your lighting anywhere, even if you are very far away, using your smartphone or verbal instructions. It doesn’t even matter whether you are lying on your couch or even if the distance is thousands of miles. 

Adjusting the lights to your preference can be easily done right from where you are seated without even having to move an inch. In addition, these dimmers usually save energy. Optimizing your home’s energy consumption ensures efficient energy consumption.

Modular Switch Boards

Today, we are dealing with the reality that most of the time, the switching is random without any specific configuration. But the modular switchboard provides a unique feature that lets us adapt switch arrangements as per our wish.

Do you need an extra switch so you can add that new lamp? No problem. Just connect it to your modular switchboard by the plug-in section. These easy-to-adapt solutions simplify the routine of your project for home remodelling for the electrical section of your project without the necessity of a big rewiring.

Door Video Phone: Lifting Home Security

The priority is to provide security for your home, and the door video phone is an innovation in this regard. By Utilizing a door video phone, you can see and speak with the guests before you open the door. Whether it is you or the package, this technology ensures that you are never left wondering who is there and that it increases the overall security level.


Overall, smart buttons, modular switchboards, and door video phones are a new home communication network. These small yet crucial devices make our living more comfortable and secure, as well as help us to save energy. With the evolution of technology, these devices distinctly redefine availability and accessibility in our lives and bring about an unprecedented ease of living. The idea behind Legrand is to make them smarter and better for you by applying innovative solutions. Live the future of home automation through our security and convenient solutions. Boost the quality of your living area right now with our trusted brand that merges modernity and practicality into a smart home with an innovative approach.

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