The Extensive List Of Best Sugar Free Sweets

Ghasitaram sweets

Ghasitaram sweets

There is reason to worry, even though the sweet smell of rakhi treats fills the air. Calories from sweets! Still, how can you eat all those tasty rakhi sweets without getting fat? Even if you’re trying to lose weight, Rakhi foods taste great. Rakhi sweets don’t have to taste bad if you cut the sugar. You only need a few natural sugar alternatives and the desire to do something healthy for your family during festivals. These are some ideas for sugar-free Ghasitaram sweets that you could try. Sugar free sweets buy online with alternatives for different diets. Keep reading to know more…

  • Puran Poli

This traditional sweet from Maharashtra must be in every home for every festival. You can split the sugar or jaggery filling in half. Another option is even more effective. You could use jaggery instead of sugar. Because it has a lot of iron, jaggery will give you energy. Add a box of preserved puran poli with online rakhis.

  • Fruity Rice Kheer

What do you think this recipe uses instead of sugar? A date mush! If you are watching your weight, rice kheer is one of the best rakhi sweets for you. Fresh vegetables improve the taste and health of a meal.

  • Oats And Groundnut Laddoo

The sweetness of choice in this treat is jaggery, not sugar. When you make a laddoo, sugar holds the dough together and is also good for you. Your laddoos will be ready soon so that you can play with the kids. For online rakhis, a box of this sweet is the best one.

  • Sugar-Free Kaju Katli

Do you really need sugar to make kajukatli? This recipe for sugar-free sweets will help you figure it out. The lactose, or milk sugar, in this kajukatli makes it taste a little sweet. Rose flowers and water also make the wonderful smell even stronger.

  • Mixed Fruit Gujiyas

You no longer need to worry if you’ve been gaining weight during events. This low-calorie gujiya recipe lets you enjoy these sweets without feeling bad about them during the festival holiday. For guilt-free snacks delivered right to your home, browse a wide variety of sugar-free sweets to buy online.

  • Kesari Malai Peda

People love pedas as a sweet treat to enjoy rakhi and the happiness of being together. Try making Kesari malai peda with a fake sweetener if you’re like me and can’t help but eat more than one. Without sacrificing taste or quality, sugar-free sweets buy online to make healthy treats accessible.


Ghasitaram’s sugar-free sweets are a terrific alternative for health-conscious folks who desire delightful snacks without the sugary side effects. In addition to assisting diabetics and dieters, these sweets reduce tooth decay and stabilize blood sugar. Because they come in many flavors and stay longer, they fulfill many tastes without losing quality or taste. You may enjoy sugar-free treats without feeling guilty since you’re eating properly. You must send online rakhis with the sugar free box of sweets.

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