how to beat apopalypse btd6

“Apopalypse” in Bloons TD 6 (BTD6) is a challenging game mode where the rounds are faster, and the bloons (balloons) move more quickly than in standard gameplay. To successfully beat Apopalypse mode in BTD6, you’ll need a well-planned strategy and a strong tower lineup. Here are some tips to help you conquer Apopalypse mode:

  1. Choose the Right Map: Start with a map that provides good opportunities for tower placement and has a reasonable track layout. Some maps are more challenging than others, so choose wisely.
  2. Prioritize Early Game Towers: In Apopalypse mode, you need to deal with bloons from the very beginning. Start by placing affordable early-game towers like Dart Monkeys, Tack Shooters, and Boomerang Throwers to handle the initial waves.
  3. Upgrade Efficiently: Upgrade your towers strategically. Focus on upgrading a few key towers rather than spreading your resources too thin. Strong mid-game options include Heli Pilots, Monkey Aces, and Ninja Monkeys.
  4. Use Crowd Control: Towers with crowd control abilities are crucial. Towers like Glue Gunners, Ice Monkeys, and Bomb Shooters can slow down or stun bloons, giving your other towers more time to pop them.
  5. Consider Buffing Towers: Use Monkey Villages to provide valuable buffs to your towers. Village upgrades like Monkey Intelligence Bureau and Monkey Commerce can greatly improve your tower’s effectiveness.
  6. Use Heroes: Heroes are powerful additions to your defense. Choose a hero that complements your tower setup and use their abilities strategically.
  7. Plan for Camo Bloons: Camo bloons can be a problem in Apopalypse mode. Make sure you have a way to detect and deal with them. Ninjas, Submarines, and Alchemists are great for this purpose.
  8. Save Money for Round 100: Round 100 in Apopalypse mode can be particularly challenging. Save up money to buy powerful late-game towers like Super Monkeys, Sun Avatars, or The Tack Zone.
  9. Use Monkey Knowledge: Take advantage of Monkey Knowledge upgrades that can enhance your towers’ capabilities. Focus on upgrades that fit your chosen tower strategy.
  10. Stay Flexible: Be ready to adapt your strategy as the bloons become stronger. Sell and reposition towers if necessary to handle late-game waves effectively.
  11. Micro-Management: Sometimes, micro-managing tower abilities and targeting priorities can make a significant difference in handling tough waves.
  12. Practice and Learn: Apopalypse mode can be challenging, so practice and learn from your failures. Experiment with different tower combinations and strategies to find what works best for you.

Remember that Apopalypse mode can be quite challenging, and it may take several attempts to beat it. Patience and persistence are key. Adapt your strategy based on the map, bloon types, and your available towers to overcome the waves of bloons in Apopalypse mode in BTD6.

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